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Generating Leads for Your Business Becomes Easy When You Adopt the EDUCATE 2 ELEVATE Method

Dear Friend,


If you've ever tried generating leads for your business, at some point I'm sure you were told that you need to post on social media or post videos on Youtube. Or maybe you were told to run ads on Facebook.  Does any of this sound familiar?


Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But there is so much more to generating leads than that.


The TRUTH is that these are basically methods to drive traffic to your website more than they are lead generation strategies. And while they do play a part in the lead generation process, the are only a part of the equation, because once people get to your website...then what?


So here's the REAL DEAL.  You're not crazy. You just were never given the full equation.


Just like you, I've used many of those methods too. And while they were very effective at getting traffic to my website.  Once people got there, they would leave or wouldn't buy.


Have you ever experienced that before? Not a good feeling right? Trust me, I know.  


Honestly, the truth is that 97% of the people who land on your site are not ready to buy and that’s just another reason why generating leads is so important.


But after years of trial and error, I’ve discovered that its type of content that you have on your site that will determine whether or not you will generate a lead or a sale. And that’s where my Educate 2 Elevate Method comes in.


The Educate 2 Elevate Method is what I’ve used to build multiple businesses, especially my home-based business where I became a 3-Diamond National Vice President and helped others to rank up as well.  


It also helped me to generate well over 11,000 leads and convert them into thousands of customers.


I’ve helped people both young and old; and those who were tech savvy and those who were not to achieve success.  I continue to use this method to help me get results like this:

Check Out My Student Testimonies

As soon as I launched I generated 9 leads in one day using my "8 Interviewing Tips" education based lead magnet. I also filled my coaching program and grew my private FB group to over 100 people. Before the course, I was so fearful of technology, but Toni made it so easy and she is so patient.

Leona Martin

LCM Career Coaching

I am on my way to generating my first 1,000 leads with the new e-course that I created to inspire people who may be feeling a little down.  These leads will be funneled into my For Your Inspiration (FYI) Network. For anyone thinking about taking the course, I say to do it because you won't regret that you did.

Crystal Melton

FYI Network

By taking the course I was able to create an education based lead magnet teaching my potential customers the secrets to growing healthy hair. I am so proud of the beautiful guide I created as a part of this course. I also created a group called, I Love My Hair and it now has almost 200 members!

Renee Callendar

Renee's Hair Designs

 Become the Trusted Teacher

The reality is that most people who land on your site are searching for some type of advice, information or how to do something. And that’s EXACTLY why the first step in the Educate 2 Elevate Method is for YOU to become a Trusted Teacher.


By becoming your website visitors Trusted Teacher, you will immediately build the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor for each visitor. You will also provide them with every bit of information they need to positively influence their buying decision.


There are two things you need to do when people land your website as their Trusted Teacher:

  1. Make it worth their while.
  2. Set them up for the sale.

You do this by understanding what’s going on in the mind of your potential customer before they even land on your page.


This involves knowing your ideal customer on an intimate level.  And I am not talking about their demographics like their age, education, and gender.  You have to go deeper than that.


You need to know things like:

  • What are they tired of seeing?
  • What makes them sick?
  • What are they suspicious of?
  • Who are their common enemies?
  • How have they failed in the past?
  • What are some of the things that they believe that are not serving them?


There are also questions that you need to ask yourself so you can better serve them as their Trusted Teacher.  And those questions are things like:


  • What are you tired of seeing them doing?
  • What breaks your heart about the mistakes you keep seeing them make?


Answering these questions will allow you to communicate with your website visitors on a deeper level.


In the Magic Lead Generation 2.0 course, I have included 70 questions that you should ask yourself about your ideal clients and about you and your relationship with them. This will help you on your journey to becoming the Trusted Teacher.


The Educate to Elevate Method works because it allows you to take the people who land on your websites and educate them all the way to the conversion.


It also works because:

  • It’s super easy to implement.
  • And most importantly, you don’t have to be a tech genius to get started.

Now just imagine for a moment what will happen in your life when you’re finally able to say that you’ve cracked the code on generating leads and achieved the level of success that you always knew was possible.


Your life will change and all the things that you once thought were impossible will become possible.


Good right?  I know. But just like with everything else in life...

What You Put In, Is What You Get Out!

Let’s be clear, you will not generate 1,000 to 10,000 leads overnight. And that’s because there is a lot that goes into generating 1,000 or more leads and results will vary.  It’s like everything else in life, what you put into it is what you get out.  But for those that really hunker down and put in the work, you will get the results you desire.


Now that I’ve said that, here’s what I can guarantee. I promise that this by far is the absolute best course that I’ve ever created. You know how athletes leave it all on the field, well, I’m leaving it in all in this course.


Inside of Magic Lead Generation 2.0, I show you step-by-step how to implement the Educate 2 Elevate Method for your business so that you will be well on your way to generating your first 1,000 or more leads.

I'm Finally Letting the Genie Out of The Bottle

Honestly, people have been wanting to know for years how I was able to generate so many leads to build my home-based business and go to the top of comp plan to become a 3 Diamond National Vice President.  And they also want to know how I was able to build such a wildly successful Network for Women in Business.


In the past I was only able to tell them bits and pieces of what I did. Never before have I ever sat down and completely mapped out my process and gave it a name that uniquely represents what I have done to generate over 11,000 new leads on my own and add thousands on a regular basis.  


Not until now that is…


I am so excited to tell you exactly what’s included in this course, so let me tell you exactly what you can expect to learn:


Module 1 - Getting Started

This module will build the foundation for your success in this program.   You will obtain a deep understanding of the Educate 2 Elevate Method and will complete our 70-question survey to help you get a deeper understanding of your customer and your relationship with them.  This exercise will be eye-opening and it will help you to communicate with you ideal customer on a deeper level.  You will be surprised what you discover.

  • Getting Started On the Right Track

  • Developing the Mindset for Success

  • Setting Your Lead Generation Goals

  • Unwrapping the Educate 2 Elevate Method in Detail

  • Understanding Your Ideal Customer

Module 2 - Becoming the Trusted Teacher

In this module you will discover exactly what you need to do to become the Trusted Teacher to your audience.  You will also learn how to create your very own Education Based Lead Magnet for your audience.

  • How to Become the Trusted Teacher

  • What is An Education Based Lead Magnet (ELM)?

  • Education Based Lead Magnet Brainstorming Ideas

  • Education Based Lead Magnet Worksheet

  • Creating an Educational Lead Magnet from Your Core Offer

  • Creating an ELM Using Canva

Module 3 - Building Your Offer Ladder

In this module you will discover how to build your ladder of offerings so that you can effectively build your lead capture pages to maximize the conversion. Learn how to decrease overwhelm when people land on your page by narrowing their focus on specific problems and solutions that you offer.

  • How to Build an Offer Ladder

  • Brainstorming What You Can Offer Your Audience

  • High Ticket versus Low Ticket Offerings

  • Memberships, Courses, Products &  Service Offerings

  • Reversing the first 2-steps on the Ladder

Module 4 - Building Your Landing Pages

In this module you will learn how to create your landing pages and exactly what you need to do to set them up for lead or sales conversions.

  • Digital Assets Needed for Lead Generation

  • Deciding What Digital Tools Are Right for You

  • Kartra - The All In One Solution

  • Leadpages Made Easy

  • Aweber Landing Pages

  • MailChimp Websites

Module 5 - The Educate 2 Elevate Method in Action

In this module you will learn how to put the Educate 2 Elevate Method into action and organically attract leads from a variety of methods.

  • Attracting Leads w/ Educational Social Media Posts

  • Attracting Leads  w/ Educational LIVES

  • Attracting Leads w/ Educational Webinars

  • Attracting Leads w/ Educational Podcasts

  • Attracting Leads w/Educational Blog Posts

  • Attracting Leads w/ Educational Masterclasses

Module 6 - Getting Traffic to Your Landing Pages

In this module you will learn how to drive traffic to your landing pages.  You will learn both organic and paid methods to drive traffic to your pages and where to find the right platforms to do just that.

  • Organic vs Paid Traffic

  • Facebook Ads Strategy Overview

  • How to Research and Find Your Audience on Facebook

  • Crafting Your First Facebook Ad

  • Setting Up Your First Retargeting Ads

  • Creating  Video Ads

Module 7 - What's Next?

So you're generating leads, now what? In this module you will discover what you should do once you complete the program. Discover how to nurture your leads and what you should do to keep your pipeline filled.

  • Nurturing Your Leads

  • Creating Multiple Education Based Lead Magnets

  • Refining Your Offers

  • Measuring Your Success

  • Expanding Your Reach & Increasing Your Visibility

FREE Bonus #1

6 LIVE Group Coaching Webinars

(Value: $1,997)

  • Our LIVE Group Coaching Webinars happen on a weekly basis. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered directly.

  • During the coaching webinars we will also go over the highlights of each module to help you get a better understanding of what to do each step of the way.

  • If you run into a problem we can help you solve them on our LIVE Group Coaching Webinars.  This is also the best way to test your offers and get feedback from others. It's like having your very own mini test group.

FREE Bonus #2

Access to Our Private FB Community

(Value: $849)

  • This is where we stay in constant communication with each other. Join our other like-minded fellow Magic Lead Generation Wizards in our private community.

  • Get access to me on a daily basis. I am super active in the community. This is where you can ask questions and celebrate success.

  • Create accountability partners with others in the community. And see first hand what's working for others and how you can incorporate their tricks and tips into your business.

FREE Bonus #3

FB Paid Online Events Masterclass

(Value: $197)

  • Did you know that you can host paid events right on Facebook? In this masterclass you will learn exactly how to do just that.

  • Discover how to leverage the power of the social media giant to put the Educate 2 Elevate Method in action.

FREE Bonus #4

Custom Audiences

(Value: $97)

  • Discover how to build custom audiences on Facebook so that it can make your marketing easier.

  • Learn how to leverage the audience of your competitors by building audiences based upon interest.

  • Discover how to build audiences based upon your existing website traffic and so much more.

FREE Bonus #5

How to Build Sales Pages That Convert Guide

(Value: $47)

  • In this 28-page guide you will learn the key elements of building sales pages that convert.

  • Use this guide for every sales page that you create for yourself or for your clients.

That's $2,687 worth of BONUSES!

With these bonuses you will be able to shortcut your way to success and quickly get on your way to generating your first 1,000 or more leads!

The Program Has 3 Phases

Magic Lead Generation 2.0 is broken down into 3 phases and should take approximately 6 weeks to implement.


Phase I – Foundational Phase
Phase II – Creation Phase
Phase II – Implementation Phase


Now let’s break down those phases.


Phase I – Foundational Phase (2 weeks)
This is the learning phase.  This is the phase where you learn about you and you learn about your audience. This is the phase where you are “figuring it out”.  You are figuring out who your audience is…what they like…why you decided to serve this audience…and so much more.


This is where you will learn what will work as a good education based lead magnet.  


During this phase you will get an opportunity to validate your ideas before you launch.


Phase II – Creation Phase (2 weeks)
Now that you’re clear and have built a strong foundation, this is where you will create your digital assets and prep your site for lead generation.


During this phase you will determine what tools you will use to generate leads. You will create your digital assets, do quality control and you will also test and assure that everything works properly.


Phase III – Implementation Phase (2 weeks)
In this phase you will begin to drive traffic to the digital assets (landing/lead pages) and you will begin to generate your first leads.  This is probably the most exciting phase. I can remember it like yesterday, when Leona Martin told me that she had generated 9 leads on her first few days out.  She was so excited. And you will be too when it happens to you!


After this phase we CELEBRATE go over what's next and create plans for your next level strategy.

Here's What To Do Next

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And if you do it this way, it really won’t cost you anything, because by the time you implement the Educate 2 Elevate Method, you will be able to pay it off from the money you will earn. Seriously.


This class is not an expense, it is an investment.


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As soon as you’ve signed up for my Magic Lead Generation 2.0 course, you’ll get instant access to the member area. You also will receive an email with your username and password.  
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As soon as that’s done, you’ll be added to our private community where you’ll be able to meet other Magic Lead Generation Wizards. That’s where the fun part really starts. You’ll be plugged into a community of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you: Generating their first 1,000 leads and having fun along the way.


In total, you get access to more than 10 hours of video training that you can access 24/7 from your member area. And don’t worry, everything is broken down into small, bite-size chunks and is dripped to you over a period of time so you never feel overwhelmed.


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As much as I’d love to help everyone generate their next 1,000 or more new leads, I can only work with a maximum of 25 students at the same time.


I simply don't have the capacity for more.


Plus, I like to keep my courses small and intimate so I can make sure everyone gets results. 


The course is going to start soon, so time is a factor. Once the countdown timer on this page hits zero, registration will close and the course will start a few days later. But it might sell out much earlier because of the extremely limited seats available.


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